The aim of the module is to familiarise students with the management of translation projects  both in the framework of translation companies/agencies and in the context of freelancing. Students learn the basic principles of managing collaborative groups and subgroups, of communicating effectively with clients and freelance translators/ proofreaders, of using project management tools and software, of optimally monitoring, completing and delivering translation projects. At the same time, students are introduced to risk analysis and management and best editing, post-editing and QA practices. The module is delivered in collaboration with a major Athens-based LSP (EL-Translations) and the students are required to work on a real translation project.


1. The life of a translation project manager

  • Introduction

  • The tasks of a project manager

  • Different types of project managers

2. A project from start to end

  • Translation projects

  • Examples of projects

  • A translation contract

  • Stage 0 - Quoting

  • Stage 1 - Preparation-Planning (inc. text pre-processing and TM management)

  • Stage 2 - Translation

  • Stage 3 - Revision

  • Stage 4 - QC

  • Stage 5 - Delivery

  • Stage 6 - Feedback

  • After sales service

  • Marketing - collaboration with the Marketing Department

3. Tools and software for project managers

  • Using CAT tools

  • Using checklists

  • Using templates

  • Using a project management system (e.g. Memoq, Smartling)

4. Setting up your own translation project management system

  • How to manage files and resources

  • How to integrate your translation memory system

  • How to manage terminology

  • Creating and managing databases

5. Money matters: how to ensure the sustainability of your projects

  • Managing finances

  • Calculating project and client profitability

  • Improving your business profitability

6. Managing clients and translators

  • Communication tools and qualities

  • Writing effective instructions

  • Negotiating with clients and translators

  • Achieving flexibility

  • Handling complaints

  • Managing risk

  • Evaluating translators

7. Managing yourself: how to manage time and stress

8-10 Handing a project management task in collaboration with a translation company